Pink Prep


I wore this outfit gift shopping at the mall with my mom this weekend for at least 7 hours! I was exhausted by the end of the day but my feet did pretty good until about an hour before we finished. Christmas shopping can really take a toll on your body, I’ll be happy once I have everyone’s perfect gift wrapped and ready for opening. I’ve crossed out most names on my list already so I’m doing a pretty good job. I even made a new discovery this week….Amazon wish list! I know almost every site has an option to create a wish list, but on Amazon you can add things from other sites directly to you wish list with the click of button. Couldn’t be easier, I wish everyone had one! With some people I really enjoy being creative with my gifts and buying them things they wouldn’t normally by for themselves, but there are some people on my list who I’d really like to gift with things I know they want/need and will def use. Anyways that’s my discovery/recommendation for the week. I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend, stay warm and comfy while you’re shopping!



Banana Republic top & blazer // Gap jeans // Target clutch // Miu Miu slippers

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