Baby It’s Cold Outside


Wow, it was cooooold this weekend! There is nothing better than being bundled up in cute comfy winter clothes….which I realized I’m in short supply of. I always forget to dig out my warm clothes so I’ve always just thrown my leather jacket over whatever I was wearing, not really caring what it looked like.  :/ I think I’ve got this mindset of “it never gets cold in Houston” and I rarely buy super warm clothes because I feel like I’ll never get to use it and it’ll just be a waste of money. Until the cold is gone and everything is on major clearance, then I buy a few items, stuff them in the back of my closet and hope to remember they’re in there buy the time the next winter rolls around. Well, this weekend I was reminded that it does in fact get cold in Houston, even if it’s just for a short time! So, I decided to clean out my closet and get rid of my sad, old, frumpy, and shrunken sweaters in order to make room for things I will actually enjoy wearing. I don’t want to just throw something on top of whatever I have on to stay warm while I walk to and from the car, I want my entire outfit to work together to keep me fashionable warm all day. I’m not saying I’m going to go out and buy a whole new winter wardrobe, I’ll invest in a few new sweaters, but I’ll def be avoiding my leather jacket as an everyday option. I’m be spending more time with layering, blazers, and scarves. So that’s my goal for this winter!





Victoria’s Secret leggings // Gap long sleeves // grey sweater (old gift that I love) // Bakers OTN boots (old) // Coach clutch // YSL stain in Violet Edition

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