Working Class


I’m lucky enough to work in a laid back office with a lenient dress code. For the most part I dress pretty casually M-F but sometimes I get to meet with people from other offices and I like to look a little more professional but still feminine. This is a good example of a great “meeting” outfit for me, pencil skirts and dresses are always a do in my book. Pairing this longer pencil with a flowy top softens the look so I don’t feel too “buttoned up” and it helps show off my girly side. I do prefer closed toed pumps for work, but with longer hems the less chunky the shoe the better.

Melissa and I did a great job at our half marathon this weekend, I’m so proud of her for completing her first, and super excited that we’ll be doing another! I’m definitely sore but tomorrow I’m taking off to Cabo for a week of relaxation with the boyfriend, so I’m sure I’ll be fully recovered soon :)





Old Navy pencil skirt (old) // J Crew blouse // Asos heels // F21 earrings

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