Blue Leopard


I know sometimes patterns that cover this much of you body can be scary or but I like these pant because the pattern is very muted by the similarity of the blue hues. I love the almost monochromatic feel of this outfit, I usually keep these pants pretty tame with just a solid top in varying colors, but I liked the streamlined look this cardi brought to them and the grey tank broke it up just enough for me. The pointy toes completed the length for me. As lady like and lean as I was feeling in this, it was pretty dark as a whole so I used big pearls, a light bag and pink lips to add a touch of brightness.

My race weekend is finally here! I’m officially done with all my training, now I’m just working on stuffing myself full of carbs over the next two days. Tomorrow I head to San Antonio for all the race expo excitement and hopefully a good night’s sleep before the big run Sunday morning.¬† AHHHH I’m really looking forward to this, my last half marathon was ok but my training was just shy of decent. This time around I kicked some serious training butt and I’m ready for this thing! Wish me luck, and I hope y’all have a great weekend :)





old navy blue leopard jeans // banana republic cardigan // F21 tank // Zara pumps // J Crew bag // D&G sunnies

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