Bootie Diaries


It took me a while to start liking booties, or at least to start wearing them….I get that there’s a comfort and coolness to them and they can drastically change the feel of any outfit, but I don’t always find them very flattering. I tend to prefer shoes that elongate my legs, especially when they’re bare but after a lot of try ons I’ve found a black pair that I really like and were super wallet friendly. I do own other booties that I kinda stumbled upon over the years and wear sporadically but this is my first pair of black booties and I’m surprised to say that I’ve actually been wearing them quite a bit. If you stop by regularly you already know that with the slightly cooler weather I’m a fan of dressing warm on top and cool on the bottom. I love my comfy knits, and I love dressing them up just enough! This perfect balance makes my short skirt look less scandalous for daywear too :)





sweater, skirt (old) and booties all H&M // Coach clutch // Baublebar lariat necklace // D&G sunnies

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