Stripes & Blooms


I couldn’t love this outfit any more than I do! I bought this dress on sale at the Gap last week for $10 major steal, it’s like an amazing Tshirt dress, but made from a heavier, more flattering material. I’ll admit before I added anything to it I kinda felt like I was wearing a tent because of the loose fit, I instantly wanted to add a belt to add some shape but that just didn’t work with all this material, however, I believe the heaviness of the necklace balanced it out and I just love how perfect the pops of red are. All the extras just make it so feminine, and I truly believe there is nothing better than feeling so pretty and girly while also being so comfy!

I’m also super excited about this new necklace, I’ve been eying it for a while and a few weeks ago it went on sale for $16 from $68!!! So, I got this one for myself and one in turquoise for my bestie…..we’ve both made good use of them :)




Gap dress // Ily bloom necklace // lulu’s heels // target clutch // D&G sunnies

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