Oh La La


This weekend I slumber partied at my bestie’s house thanks to my apartment getting painted (which turned out awesome!) and we def made the most of it! Our half marathon is coming up in only 2 weeks (ahhh) and after all this solo training monotonously running multiple loops around Rice it was nice to do 2 of my runs with Melissa through her neighborhood. I even got myself a new pair of running shoes after we took some pretty great pics while exploring Market Street and Waterway in the Woodlands. It helped that the weather was absolutely perfect!

I have a soft spot for anything that makes me think “french” so when I found this T a while back I just had to scoop it up. I’m always loving a good T-shirt & blazer combo, it works for work, it works for brunch, it works for shopping, it just works! The casualness of a comfy T made a little more “grown up” by the structured look of a blazer, who wouldn’t love how easy this is. I went with a boyfriend blazer here so I tried keeping all my accessories very feminine, strappy sandals, dangly earrings, bright pink lipstick (yes, I do consider lipstick an accessory)






Joe’s jeans // J. Crew T // Banana Republic blazer // Asos heels // Target clutch // D&G sunnies

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