Sweater Play

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I just have to say, I’m loving that sweaters are trending right now! There is a large selection of reasonably priced, super comfy, and adorably fun options out there. I’m sure a lot of you have seen these popular ones from Old Navy….always a steal! There are so many cute designs and fun sayings to chose from, check out forever 21 and  asos for a good deal (on anything really) I’ve always kinda thought of pullover sweaters as more of a slouchy dress down item for comfort and warmth but designers are cutting them with a more flattering fit now that you really can wear them with anything. I’ll admit I got my inspiration to try my sweater/skirt combo from one of my fave bloggers (seen here) mine’s a little more casual but I was happy with my ensemble

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BR sweater $17 & skirt $10 (both purchased in store on sale) // belt: asos // heels: zara // midi rings: claire’s // studs: tory burch

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