Boots Season

fredericksburg 285

A few weeks ago a took 2 pairs of boots (including these) to a cobbler to get re heeled/soled. I’ll admit these were pretty bad and I wasn’t sure if they were salvageable, I bought them (on sale of course) 3 years ago during a trip to Vegas. I had worn them so much that the leather on the heels was shredded and peeling upward, the cobbler didn’t think my $80 loves were worth the cost of rewrapping :( When he saw how sad that made me he kindly offered, without making any promises of perfection, to attempt to stretch and glue the damaged leather back down the heel and add new heel caps!!!! I was very happy with the outcome, no they’re not perfect, but for less than $20 my boots are once again wearable. He even polished over all my scuffs. I’ve been super happy to get to wear them again, unlike my boyfriend, who will kindly ask me if I’d like to change my shoes before we leave the house…..but what do boys know anyway?!?

I realize there is still a bit of a stigma associated with thigh high boots, and I get it. I don’t live in a city like New York where people are more immune  to “different” because of all trendy fashionistas walking by on the regular. I get some weird looks but I also get fun compliments, I can’t say I don’t like the attention they bring. I love showing off things people aren’t used to seeing every day! When I wear these babies I keep the rest of my ensemble pretty conservative, 90% of the time I’ll pair them with a blazer and skinnies/leggings but they also great with skirts and shorts. When the rest of you is completely covered up and you just have a tiny sliver of leg showing, it’s sexy without being overkill. Not for work of course, but for a night out when it’s cold but you’re bored with pants it’s def a fun go to!

fredericksburg 288

fredericksburg 291

fredericksburg 296

skinny pants: ann taylor // cami: banana republic // cropped blazer: urban outfitters // boots (super old): bakers // leopard clutch: coach

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