10 Years


I cannot believe it’s been 10 years since I graduated high school. It’s surreal to think of who I was back then and how much I’ve grown since. I wasn’t very social when I was younger and I preferred keeping to myself, with the exception of my still bff Melissa. The past 10 years of my life have been filled with so many enriching experiences, travels, and even people. Ten years ago I couldn’t wait to leave high school, but this weekend I was very much looking forward to going back and seeing everyone through my new eyes. I’ll admit, when I first arrived I was a little scared to talk to people (mostly for fear that they wouldn’t remember me or vice versa) my boyfriend even made a comment that I was acting different. I think he helped jolt me back to my now self, I started talking to people and really enjoyed my evening. With FB now it’s easy to keep up with people but seeing them, meeting spouses, and talking about life was very different. I saw some people I didn’t realize I’d be so happy to see, a few I was looking forward to seeing, and even missed a few that didn’t make it.

Getting dressed for this thing was def a difficult task! There was no stated dress code, and it was at a bar at 4 in the afternoon. I didn’t want to be over dressed, I didn’t want to be under dressed, being a girl is just difficult. I decided to aim for a trendy happy hour or dinner vibe, and I felt super cute. I love love love skater skirts, they’re playful and flattering and have become my go to (along with dressy shorts) for my nights out. My super high heels paired with my skirt made it look as though I was showing quite a bit of leg so I tried to stay a little conservative on top. The faux peter pan collar and cap sleeves on this blouse were too cute to pass up…and it was on sale! I wanted to keep my color palette simple because I was dying to use this new clutch that Melissa got me for my birthday, it stood out perfectly! Thanks Melissa :)




skirt (old): asos // blouse: loft // pumps: ysl // clutch (gift): coach // sunnies: D&G

I almost forgot to take pics, Melissa and I ran into the backyard while the boys were in the car waiting for us, oops!
Hope everyone had a great weekend!

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