Brooklyn Bridge

My bestie was in New York with me this past weekend and we had fun doing some touristy things, like walking across the Brooklyn Bridge! We tried to walk it Saturday, but it starting snowing after lunch and it was a little too much for us to handle for the entire stretch of the bridge. Instead we ended up visiting a few other sites, and squeezing in a little shopping throughout the day, of course. One of my girlfriends recently turned me on to & Other Stories, so when we walked by, I had to drag Melissa in. I’ve been trying not to buy new things that I won’t wear here right now in the cold, it’s been hard. Finding this dress was pretty exciting for me…long sleeves, sweater material, $30, SCORE! I knew exactly how I was going to wear it, and luckily enough, the next day was gorgeous…we crossed the Brooklyn Bridge into Manhattan, walked a strip of the High Line, Central Park, and Fifth Avenue down to Time Square. I don’t know if it’s just because there is nothing like this in Houston, but something about crossing the bridge, even though it’s just a walk, felt amazing. This has been my favorite “walk” here so far. 

Every day in New York is beautiful and new, there are so many things to see and experience. Exploring this city has been an inspiring adventure and I can’t wait to see what I discover next!

                                                                                Striped dress

Banana Republic


If you’ve followed along for a while, you know that Banana Republic is one of my favorite stores to frequent and their stuff makes up a good chunk of my closet. So when Banana asked if I’d be interested in doing a sponsored post I was over the moon.

I’m pretty sure this was my longest visit to Banana, there were so many pretty new things and I couldn’t decide what type of outfit I wanted to feature. I kept coming back to this grey boyfriend cardigan (which I’ve already worn a million times) so in the end I decided to go for a casual look that would still be chic of course. It fit my personality and I figured, who doesn’t want easy-to-wear-everyday-outfits?!?

I’d never actually tried on Banana’s jeans before (I’ve always been picky about jeans) but like I said, I wanted easy…and I can’t tell you how happy I went with this decision because, OMG, I love the fit of these babies! Honestly, every piece of this outfit is extremely versatile, so the whole purchase was perfection. Both sweaters are very light weight, which means they don’t have to be stored until it’s actually cold and they’re layerable in Houston weather!

One of my favorite things about Banana (besides the great sales) has always been their color palette. I love the cleanness of their neutrals and how simple all their pieces are because it makes for easy accessorizing which lets you achieve any vibe you want. I was shooting for ladylike here, so I added pastels with a neck scarf and girly heels. What do you think? I’ll def have all these pieces on repeat for a while!


*Banana Republic compensated me for this post. All opinions expressed are my own.

Banana Republic cardigan / top / jeans


Austin Graffiti Park 

Alright, while I work my way back into this slowly try to ignore the wrinkles in my shorts, an unfortunate side effect of actually wearing an outfit all day. I got to spend this weekend visiting my sister and her hubby in Austin (and seriously contemplating moving there) after a delicious breakfast at Snooze we decided to go check out this graffiti park. It’s a really cool concept with some fun pictures to see, it’s ever changing and probably more visually appealing other days. On our visit, too many people had taken the opportunity to tag the walls, covering most of the actual art :/ we’ll have to go back…

I wanted to share my new favorite shirt with y’all! An inexpensive, lightweight and comfortable transitional piece. So far, I’ve got sleeveless mock turtleneck in two colors and I can’t stop wearing them. Sleek paired with any structured bottom, casual with distressed jeans, easily layered under anything and the perfect simple backdrop for statement jewelry.

top / shorts / booties / hat / purse

Color Sprinkled Peplum


I’ve always been a fan of peplum, so when I went shopping last weekend and literally saw it EVERYWHERE, it made me happy! I may or may not have purchased 3 new peplum tops in one day….but this one from H&M was def my favorite. It’s spring, it’s girly, it’s simple but still has a lot of character, and I love the high-low hem. I want to wear this to brunch or an early wine-on-the-patio happy hour.

Also, if you have not yet tried AG denim, I’m absolutely in love! This is my 3rd pair, and I could live in them. They’ve got the perfect amount of stretch and offer the exact fit I like for each body part they cover…it doesn’t hurt that they’re labeled with my initials either :)


H&M top / AG jeans / Steve Madden heels in leather / Springtime clutches to love in pink & white

New Season, New Start


I’d been feeling pretty bad about my too-long-hiatus from the blog for a while now, so when I got hit with a nice little dose of inspiration Friday and realized Sunday would be the first day of Spring, the timing couldn’t have been more perfect! I know I missed a whole season, kind of, I mean Houston experienced a sad excuse for a Winter this year…but regardless, I’m sorry.

As some of you know, Carlos and I decided to go our separate ways back in November and with that, I lost my photographer and then some. Carlos played a huge role in keeping me Prettily Simple, and for a bit I wasn’t sure if I could do this without his help. Then for a bit I just got super busy with work and finding the time just to take pictures was nearly impossible, especially when you don’t have a live in photographer! But, I really enjoy my little space here, so I’m going to make this work as best I can for now and I’m sure I’ll get back into a nice groove soon enough. I think my fill-in-photographer did a pretty good job ;) thanks mom! jeje

Anyways, Spring time is here, which means we’ll be hitting 100 degrees before you know it. As much as I hate the weather, I do love the shopping, the lighter fabrics, the shorter hems and the open toes! This clothes makes me ready for vacation! Good thing Paris is just around the corner for me…


Old Navy top & skirt / J. Crew belt & shoes (love these) / H&M hat